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Nacionalni in拧titut za javno zdravje

Children and adolescents


The National programme for Children and Youth in the Republic of Slovenia 2006-2016 stipulates that optimal conditions for healthy development from birth on should be guaranteed for children and adolescents in different environments. The habits developed in early childhood stay with us for the rest of our lives therefore it is necessary to implement the education for healthy lifestyle which will enable us to avoid the development of chronic non-communicable diseases. In case the risk for developing diseases appear, it is essential that preventive healthcare programmes are designed in a way that those risks are detected as early as possible and necessary interventions are implemented for improvement and reestablishment of health.

Health Behaviour in School-aged Children 2010 research has shown that inequalities in health of schoolchildren are increasing, especially among the children from lower socio-economic class. Children from families with lower socio-economic status are exposed to riskier behaviours than their peers from better-situated families. Thus, the project focuses at vulnerable target groups, the development of good practices for early detection of children and adolescents at higher risk and the development of efficient interdisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation.

The advantages of current arrangement of preventive healthcare of children and adolescents in Slovenia are the following: universal coverage of population, early detection of health problems and integrated paediatric service for preschool children on primary level. In order for these services to be even more quality, new approaches in the fields of preventive healthcare for children and adolescents as well as in the field of health education for children, adolescents, pregnant women and parents will be designed in the framework of the project on the basis of expert guidelines.


The main objective is upgrade of the programme for preventive healthcare of children and adolescents. In order to enable them to achieve their full potential for health and development and to relieve the burden of lifestyle-related diseases, the project in oriented in the following measures:

路         Acceptance and implementation of effective intervention for children's health;

路         Fair access to quality healthcare services for all children;

路         Strengthening the support that healthcare system offers the children; and

路         Ensuring the inclusion of the community for improving children鈥檚 health.

The following outputs will be produce in order to reach the objective:

路         The model for the upgrade of the programme for preventive healthcare of children and adolescents; and

路         Increased capacities and means for preventive programmes for children and adolescents.